10th International Meeting on Cholinesterases

20. - 25. September 2009 Šibenik, Croatia
The 10th ChE Meeting will comprise two plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations grouped under six sessions, and a session in 3D stereoscopic technique (3D Session) on structural aspects of cholinesterases and related proteins.

Plenary lectures: Palmer Taylor (USA) & Joel Sussman (Israel)
Chairpersons: Israel Silman (Israel) & Elsa Reiner (Croatia)

Session 1.Structure of cholinesterases and related α/β hydrolase-fold proteins
Chairpersons: Palmer Taylor (USA) & Joel Sussman (Israel)
Session 2.Molecular biology and cell biology of cholinesterases, and alternative functions of cholinesterases
Chairpersons: Hermona Soreq (Israel) and Jean Massoulié (France)
Session 3.Interaction of cholinesterases with substrates, inhibitors and reactivators
Chairpersons: Terrone Rosenberry (USA) & Patrick Masson (France)
Session 4.Anticholinesterases: Mechanisms of toxicity, detoxication and therapy, and counter-terrorism strategies
Chairpersons: Peter Eyer (Germany) and David Lenz (USA)
Session 5.Enzymes other than cholinesterases reacting with anticholinesterase agents
Chairpersons: Marcello Lotti (Italy) & Gabi Amitai (Israel)
Session 6.Diseases related to cholinesterases, and therapy with cholinesterase inhibitors
Chairpersons: Ezio Giacobini (Switzerland) & Manfred Windisch (Austria)
3D Session Chairpersons:Zoran Radić (USA) & Martin Weik (France)
Closing Session.Summing-up of the Meeting
Presenters: Bhupendra P. Doctor (USA) and Jean Massoulié (France)
There will be no parallel sessions so that each participant will be able to attend all lectures. Each poster will stay displayed throughout the meeting.
The best poster will receive an award from the Biochemical Journal.
Proceedings comprising both oral and poster presentations will be published in the Elsevier journal Chemico-Biological Interactions as full length papers or short communications.