10th International Meeting on Cholinesterases

20. - 25. September 2009 Šibenik, Croatia

Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail until 30 June 2009.
The abstract should be typed within the Abstract Submission Form:

 - Title in capital letters (letter size 10 pt bold)

 - Name(s) of author(s) (presenting author underlined; first name(s) spelled out in full; letter size 10 pt)

 - Affiliation(s) (italics, letter size 10 pt)

 - E-mail of the presenting author (letter size 10 pt).

 - Text (max. 2500 characters including spaces, letter size 10 pt)

Please avoid tables or figures within the text.

Participants should indicate the Session of interest.

Please name your MS Word file as follows:
“Last Name_First Name Initial-Session No.doc” (Example:“Smith_J-Session1.doc” or “Smith_J-3D-Session.doc”)
Please download the Abstract Submission Form
(http://10-che.imi.hr/file/10ChE_abstract.dot), fill it in and sent to organisers (10che-abstracts@imi.hr).

We are calling for further poster presentations, because our programme for oral presentations has been finalised.

Receipt of the Abstract will be confirmed. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of the abstract after the deadline of submission.

The Book of Abstracts will be distributed upon arrival to the Meeting.